Yenna. 17. Germany

[ at the watchtower] When the snow falls and the white wind blows, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives. my heart belongs to my baby kittens: tommen baratheon and damian wayne. warning: there will be spoilers. previous url: thomasmuelller

does anyone remember the beauty that was the harlem shake

breakerofvows replied to your post: sooo if the rock really will be shazam…

The Rock says, The Rock says

the rock rocks

sooo if the rock really will be shazam i cant have charlie rowe as billy anymore right

some pics i took before my birthday party !



A script for a Black Widow movie is already written, yet I have not heard anything about a Wonder Woman movie.


Marvel didn’t announce that they’re making a Black Widow movie so there’s no way in hell that a script has been written, get your facts right before trying to bash others.

a black widow script was already written ten years ago but they dropped it. so ur argument is invalid