who is john. why is he locked. free him .

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gonna play sims again 

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Thomas Brodie Sangster and Ki Hong Lee on set
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DCs legacies are great

first we get tanya spears as power girl


then tiffany fox as batgirl


and last but not least duke thomas as robin



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DC Challenge ♔ [day5] favourite team  Dick Grayson & Damian Wayne as Batman & Robin.

So far I’d say you’ve been my favorite partner. We were the best, Richard. No matter what anyone thinks.

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Preasoiaf meme: 4 preasoiaf versions of asoiaf characters [3/4] → Lysa Tully

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aernox replied to your post: this is literally whats happening to m…

This is hilarious! I’ve been playing Sims for years and this has never happened to me. What was your Sim doing before this happened?

she was practicing a speech in front of the mirror

its sooo annoying like it creeps me out bc it went for about 3 days straight… D;

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"…and I’ll never get to tell Kori how much she means to me…"

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